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Gategy it’s clear and simple. It’s sounds “strategic”, reliable and professional. A great name for a new and fresh startup or rebranding project that aims to align in to voice-of-the-customer looking for services/ products that are heavily dependent on trust/ reliability on an expected performance.

It could be about blogging, products or services:

(i) Shipping, logistics and warehousing needs. Offering solutions to track orders, shipping insurance, time-definite delivery guarantees and more.

(ii) Security to SMBs and Enterprise clients by providing a central point of control for the entire network. Encrypting data across all levels of infrastructure while ensuring that data remains easily accessible.

(iii) Applications and networks to increase business efficiency by controlling multiple processes, networks through a single system. Secure gateway solutions. VPN, firewall and IDS/IPS appliances, SaaS-based network security management software, gateways for the financial industry.

(iv) Solutions for large and small businesses that want to make their business more efficient, accurate and profitable by connecting it with its partners.


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